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Barn Find Model A

I miss the Model A! Last summer we were digging around on craigslist as usual and came across a great 1930 Ford Model A Standard Coupe that had spent all of its life here in Connecticut.  A local guy had dug this thing out of a barn in Woodstock where it had spend the last 53 years of its life hiding from the harsh conditions of the northeast.  We had to have it!  Plans of big motors and deuce rails were thrown around but when we had it in our mitts we did not have the heart to take this one apart.  Instead we got it back on the road in about a week and drove it like mad.  We rebuild the ignition, swapped out the wiring, changed some bulbs, rebuilt the carb, added some back glass, replaced the water pump, changed the fluids and few other things and we had a sweet blast from the past.  We have never got more looks than in this thing.  After having our fun we sold it to a local guy in Somers who will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Here it is hiding in Woodstock


The day we picked it up


Straight barn find in here



After a rebuilding the ignition, carb, motor mount and water pump



Off to the local cruise


Right before we sold it


IMG_0273 IMG_0275 IMG_0284

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