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1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Club Coupe

Towards the end of July I saw a craigslist ad for a car that was such a deal I could not pass it up.  I think I have heard a lot of car stories start that way.   A few hours drive later we were in the northwest corner of Massachusetts pulling this gem out of a garage where it had been sitting since 1986.  The guy I bought it from used it as his high school car back in the late 70s and you can tell they had lots of fun driving this around.  Every nook and cranny was filled with empty beers, beer caps and even a roach clip.  I was also advised to clean the back seat before I used it.  After cleaning out the fuel system, going through the brakes and throwing on a fresh set of wide whites this Plymouth was ready to cruise.  The motor purred so quietly I kept thinking it stalled at traffic lights.  Driving this 48 was such a blast!  I even used it as my daily driver for a week while a friend was in town using my truck.  Once we had our fun it was time to find it a new home and someone from Germany quickly scooped it up.

IMG_2889 IMG_0191 IMG_0194 IMG_0276 IMG_0278 IMG_0280 IMG_0283 IMG_0286 IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0293

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