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1936 Ford 5 Window “The Blizzard Coupe”

After seeing a 36 hit craigslist for a steal I called up the number on the ad and agreed that I would be there Monday morning with the trailer.  Little did I know the weatherman had called for a blizzard to hit Monday.  The Governor called for all unnessesary travel to stay off the roads and ALL travel would be banned starting at 9 p.m.   I think a killer 36 is very necessary.  The owner bought the car in 1991 and drove it twice claiming bad brakes as his excuse for putting it away.  Despite horrible pictures I knew I had a gem hiding in the garage only 2 miles from the Canadian border.  After a long day driving I made it home just as the roads closed!  It turns out the car had all the hot rod checklist items done already including a hot Merc flathead, wide five juice brakes and a 39 trans.  A few weeks of cleaning, buffing, modifications and repairs and I had a hopped up 36 dressed like the hot rod it truly was meant to be.  The wide fives were repainted black and a new set of blackwall 600-16s gave the car a more aggressive look.  The huge spare mount had to go and I fabricated a license plate bracket with a Hollywood plate light to hide the holes.  The car now tears up the streets of Switzerland.








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