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1941 Ford Deluxe Short Door Coupe

As Spring time approached this year I went looking for a car I could enjoy for the driving season and improve as I went.  Craigslist delivered as always and this solid 41 came up in northern New Jersey that just needed an attitude adjustment.  It already wore dummy spots and a pair of skirts were sitting in the trunk.  It was begging for the mild custom treatment.  The stock 16″ wheels had long ago been replaced by a set of old 15″ Merc rims so my first task was wide whites and some baby moon caps.  The factory style skirts needed a repaint before they were mounted.  A slight ride height adjustment was needed to capture the mild custom taildragger look.  The flathead needed some help and the local guru Ron SanGiovanni gave it his magic touch and had it running smooth as glass.  As the season winds down I put the 41 up for sale and another local hot rodder picked up to compliment his collection of roadsters.  He figures it can’t always be roadster weather.









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